Professional rule breaking for climate change

We know there is a climate emergency and Extinction Rebellion are leading the way on mass protest and civil disobedience. Now we need to expand and diversify the movement; we think this can be achieved with professional rule breaking.

We have two ideas:

  • #1 Use our Mutiny Framework to form a small group that will challenge an existing policy, norm, rule or habit at your workplace, that you KNOW puts profit over planet, and needs to be binned.

  • #2 Is it time to start openly naming and shaming the companies that are resting on their laurels? Peer review platforms work, so a Glassdoor style employee review platform for environmental impact could be really powerful. But we will need people’s skills, time and energy to do it and that is no small ask. We would aim to do it pirate style, minimal resources, perhaps starting with just one sector. The key is to start.

    If either of these two ideas are up your street, get in touch:


Advertising Rebellion

Advertising drives consumerism and therefore climate change, but the day is coming when it will have to face it’s demons so, The Purpose Disruptors network are building a coalition of defectors from across the industry who have had enough. If you you want to get involved, subscribe to their updates and find out when their next climate crisis summit is happening (early September tbc), or if you’re ready to act join their slack group. There’s a great summary of the problem and the event here.



TAKK Cap are waging war on climate change through investment in green technology. They can offer offer angel investment (£50-100k), seed investment (£100-250k) and growth investment (£250k+) for environmental start ups. All TAKK investments must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an innovative way of fighting climate change

  • Have a people first culture

  • Have a sound financial model that will generate profit

Find out more here and hear the story of how Jim turned pirate.


EXTINCTION REBELLION: This is not a drill

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” (Frederick Douglass)

The XR handbook is an uncomfortable but essential read if you want to feel the weight of the challenge before us.

We need to be radical in our thinking and methods, and this book is an excellent companion to Be More Pirate.

It’s now or never.