Welcome to our community of professional rule breakers. We follow no set rules or leaders, we inspire each other.

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The power of pirates is the threat of rebellion, but the real, true potential is in their ability to attack at the edges and rewrite the rules of the mainstream.

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create your code

The Golden Age Pirates lived and died by a code. It allowed them to know what they stood for and what they would fight and die for. Mark our words, a solid code will save you from going under.

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We have stories to tell. We have found pirates in every sector from education to finance, to healthcare, retail, transport and more. They will show you how to rewrite the rules, for real.

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Find out who’s who in the crew. Join forces, and check for upcoming Be More Pirate events.

Want to know what people are doing, and how you can help? Look no further than our list of rebellions and mutinies.


Pirates outwitted the Navy with few resources based on solid principles. Here’s some ideas that will help you to rebel and reorganise.

The story so far…

“Are you here to sell books, or start a movement?”

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In May 2018  Sam Conniff published his debut book Be More Pirate with Penguin Random House. Wanting to fly the flag and actually live the values of the book, on launch day he took a punt and fly-postered the entire outside window of Penguin’s building on Vauxhall Bridge Road, with the front cover of the book. No permission sought.

Needless to say it didn’t go down well, and for a while it looked like he might be the first author to lost his publishing deal on the day of launch. But, bold moves often reap rewards and towards the end of the day, Richard Branson saw the stunt and sent a tweet. The book launched.

As the readership grew, something unexpected happened; hundreds of messages from people explaining how they’d begun their own rebellions in everything from finance to education and healthcare.

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In a matter of months, it became clear that Be More Pirate was evolving organically from a book into a social movement. People started rallying on social media. If Sam wasn’t going to host a meet up, it was going to happen without him.

Then, as if by magic, a messages came in was in the form of investment. Christopher Kingsman, understanding the need for real change and spotting the potential for a movement, decided to fund the role of a Right Hand Pirate who could manage and support the growing crew and organise a meet up.

Which is exactly what happened: 100 modern pirates on the replica of Sir Francis’ Drake’s ship The Golden Hinde in February 2019. The beginning of a movement.

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And that is where we now are…in a new era of pirates and professional rule breaking.

There are challenges that lie ahead but every day new pirates emerge with stories to tell and an appetite to do things differently - we’re learning as we go and taking inspiration from them.

So spread the word, join the crew, stop fucking around and be more pirate!


Right Hand Pirate



I’m Alex Barker, Right Hand Pirate to Sam and go to for any questions or suggestions you have about the community. You can get me on

For the last six years I’ve worked at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), where I was communications manager in the Fellowship team. I left in September 2018 to indulge myself in a sun filled sabbatical.

But then this job came up, and like so many of the stories I’ve heard from other pirates, I didn’t know how much I needed to hear this message. Finally, something I really believe in.

With that in mind I’ve written my own code for the community, which is something of a promise from me (and Sam) to everyone involved.


Be more pirate community code


We pledge to keep this whole thing fun. What else are we here for? As the lines between our work and leisure continue to blur, having more fun is the professional rule we should all break.

Walk the talk

So much of the despondency about how to create change is a result of hypocrisy and flash in the pan promises from our leaders. So, if you catch us not saying we’ll do something, and then it amounting to jack shit, please call us out.

The talk won’t be noise

Be More Pirate won’t be another content machine eating up your inbox and mental energy. We will not create stuff just for the sake of it, or for empty marketing. All our content will be designed to help you make useful connections and take action.

It’s a two way street

Where Be More Pirate chooses to focus its collective power will be determined by everyone and anyone who wants to be involved. We reckon that most of us are on the same side so let’s be an antidote to social divisions and top down systems.


Be More Pirate workshop

The real risk is not rebellion, it’s stagnation.

If you want to turn your whole team pirate, we run workshops


To embody the spirit of 'transformation' and inspire a team to action, the workshop begins with a 20 Keynote introducing the unexpected lesser known innovations of Golden Age Pirates, which make them the perfect role models against the backdrop of disruption in the 21st Century. It's an inspirational, funny and unforgettable re-set of everything you thought you knew about pirates.

There is then a further 2 - 3 content sections each with a cognitive challenge for the audience to answer, discuss and share back. These challenges are designed based on Sam's coaching experience, incorporating pledge theory and ideas on behaviour change to take a group used to talk about 'transformation' and 'disruption' and lead them to actually taking action. This leads the team into adopting what we call  'Professional Rule-Breaking', the next essential 21st Century Skill, and leaving every single person in the room committed to the accountable action of writing their own rules that drive real change.

It's fun and it's 100% designed to instigate confidence, accountability and bold action.

Workshops usually last between 90 and 120 minutes.

What people are saying

“Be More Pirate turned our team into a crew, our leaders into captains, NOs into GOs and our values into a code of conduct that we hold each other accountable to”

-Crystal Eisinger, Strategy & Operations Lead, Google

“Being able to lead a team through major change by inspiring them to see opportunities and create advantages often feels impossible, but Sam’s passionate accounts of what can be achieved, told through historical references to Pirates, make anything seem possible. Be more pirate is more than just a book it’s a cultural movement… get involved and be more pirate!”

-Nic Burnside, Head of Marketing Mercedes Vans UK

"The feedback on your talk was so positive. The topic couldn’t have been more relevant, and you left the team energised and thought provoked. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" 

-Sharon Walsh, Global Marketing Director, Heineken

Sam's workshop turned us all into pirates and gave us a mantra we can all live by – needed now more than ever” 

-Steve Axe, CMO Nomad Foods

“Sam ran a half-day workshop and fired up my 80-strong team to identify (and more importantly lead) ‘mutinies’ against the things that held them back. We all left with fresh courage, determination and energy, committed to taking responsibility for driving better ways of doing things beyond our official remits, driven by a desire to do what’s right vs what’s easy, with a clear list of ‘low hanging fruit’ to tackle and secure in the knowledge that we had one another’s backs.” 

-Polly Cochrane, CMO, Warner Bros UK.

Is there a fee?

Yes, we do charge for workshops - to keep us out of the red and stocked up with rum. Discounts are available for public sector and voluntary organisations. If budget is limited but you really think a Be More Pirate workshop is what you need, please get in touch anyway. Honest pirates can always negotiate.

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