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Mutinies are the lifeblood of rebellion. Head over to the rebellion page to find out more about who’s taking action on what, and how you can get involved, or start a conversation on the forum.


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Social change happens when small groups of people with shared principles start working together to rewrite the rules. Here’s some inspiration, depending on what flavour of rebellion you prefer…


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Seeking some inspiration and courage to break the rules? Look no further than these modern pirates.



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There’s plenty of smart organisations out there that are laying the foundations for new systems. We have no desire to reinvent the wheel. What we will do is share (and occasionally steal) ideas and resources.

A word of warning…. the internet will only get you so far: as technology and the volume of resources grow and grow, our time and attention spans are going in the opposite direction. If you’re stuck, go back to basics. Get a few people together (the pub is as good as anywhere), and start plotting.