Mutiny is the lifeblood of rebellion. You can be a singular rebel but for real change you need others to commit with you. Draw strength from each other but first, you have to get radically honest about what you want to do, and what might stop you.

Start by asking each other these three questions:

When did you last stand up to power?

To a parent, a teacher, a boss, or a playground bully, it doesn’t matter. Remember the adrenaline. Even though it was terrifying to speak up, you never regretted doing it and it was perhaps even, a little but thrilling?

It sounds deceptively simple but remembering the emotion and reinforcing the feeling of your own power, will bring your crew together.

What rule do you most want to break?

It doesn’t have to be an out and out ‘rule’, it can be a policy, a law (though harder to tackle) or an unspoken behavioural norm. We’ve heard everything from lack of free sanity products, to the fear of leaving whatsapp groups.

Its important to articulate the rule as clearly and as simply as possible. We tend to start too big. If you think the entire education system needs a complete makeover, (or even major surgery), start by finding one problem, preferably something that you have personal experience of, and defining it.

What’s holding you back?

There are usually three things that will stop people from joining your mutiny: power, precedent and perspective. These three things range from the very real (I know I’ll get in trouble) and imagined barriers (I’m scared of people’s reactions), to an inability to believe there is a different way to do things (we’ve always done it this way). Once you understand the barriers, say them out loud and hold them up to scrutiny. Are these things good enough to stop me from doing what I know is obviously right? Am I just afraid?

Effective mutinies can happen in two ways: attacking from the inside, or at the edges.

If you’re seeking change on a large scale and want to join forces with others, take a look at the rebellion page, steal from, or join up with others.

Or if you’re looking to launch an internal mutiny at your organisation, you can begin by following the steps above, or consider booking a Be More Pirate workshop to help you on your way.