For most of the 20th century we have relied on government to look after us. At its heart, this amounts to handing over money to a small minority with the assurance that they’ll fix whatever needs fixing.

But things have changed. Our challenges have become global, and complex. Governments are failing to keep up let alone offer viable solutions. The 21st century needs a different way of doing things, new rules and new systems built on different principles.

Time to be more pirate?

Perhaps the most disheartening reality is not the problems themselves (though as Greta says, climate change should induce some panic), it’s that we have no idea what to do as individuals. Our solo actions feel small and inconsequential.

Nobody really wants to feel this powerless.

We need a way to take back some agency, and we need a movement that is isn’t about what needs to change, but about how we create change. The means are the ends

But, we think we may have an answer: professional rule breaking.

Rewrite the rules 

  1. Rebel, rewrite, reorganise, redistribute, retell

2.  Professional rule breaking

3.   Mutiny!

4.   Pirate codes