For most of the 20th century we have relied on government to look after us. At its heart, this amounts to handing over money to a small minority of people with the assurance that they’ll fix whatever needs fixing.

In 2019, this social contract is badly broken. Governments the world over no longer have the understanding or ability to work within complex 21st century systems. On top of that, technology and the transience of urban living means fewer and fewer of us are out out in the world talking, volunteering, building community, or getting to know each other as citizens. Social media and Netflix are not helping.

Time to be more pirate?

Perhaps the most disheartening reality we face now is not the big obvious problems like climate change, it’s that we have no idea what to do as individuals. It feels like we’re sitting around waiting for an app to fix it all.

Nobody really wants to feel this powerless.

We need agency and we need it fast. This is why we need pirates, and a movement that is isn’t solely about what needs to change, but how we create change.

We need a radical new method that everyone can use; professional rule breaking. A new form of protest.

This movement began because a few people read a book and just started doing. So, start doing. Start here. This is day one.    

Rewrite the rules 

  1. Rebel, rewrite, reorganise, redistribute, retell

2.  Professional rule breaking

3.   Mutiny!

4.   Build your code