I’m Alex Barker, Right Hand Pirate to Sam and go to for any questions or suggestions you have about the community. Prior to this I worked at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), where I was Communications manager in the Fellowship team. I left in September 2018 to indulge in a sabbatical. But then this job came up, and like so many of the stories I’ve heard from others, I didn’t know how much I needed to hear this message.

With that in mind I’ve written my own code for the community, which is something of a promise from me (and Sam) to everyone involved.


Be more pirate community code


We pledge to keep this whole thing fun. What else are we here for? As the lines between our work and leisure continue to blur, having more fun is the professional rule we should all break.

Walk the talk

So much of the despondency about how to create change is a result of hypocrisy and flash in the pan promises from our leaders. So, if you catch us not saying we’ll do something, and then it amounting to jack shit, please call us out.

The talk won’t be noise

Be More Pirate won’t be another content machine eating up your inbox and mental energy. We will not create stuff just for the sake of it, or for empty marketing. All our content will be designed to help you make useful connections and take action.

It’s a two way street

Where Be More Pirate chooses to focus its collective power will be determined by everyone and anyone who wants to be involved. We reckon that most of us are on the same side so let’s be an antidote to social divisions and top down systems.