How to Be More Pirate

REBEL: Start by asking a question. Why is done like that? Is it a law, policy or just a norm? Does it make sense? Speak up, disagree, get uncomfortable. Bravery must be our strategy, and you might just persuade someone else that rebellion, is the only responsible way to respond.

REWRITE: Give them something else to chew on. The real potential of pirates is the ability to create new rules out of destruction. Find a crew, build a mutiny. Mutiny; the power of small groups who know what they believe in, is the route to re-writing the rules. Start simple, stop talking, start testing.

REORGANISE: an obsession with chasing numbers and growth fuels workplace anxiety and stifles creativity. 300 more clicks will make you fatigued, not filthy rich. Instead, collaborate to create scale. Focus on critical connections. Break down silos and hierarchies where you can, switch up your teams, find other like minded crews to work with.

REDISTRIBUTE: Know your weakness: power makes a Gollum out of most of us in the end. Protect the integrity of your work by sticking to equal say and equal pay. Diverse perspectives will keep you ahead of the game. Share profit, share the power, reap the dividends.

RETELL: Weaponise your story by making the message singular and un-ignorable. The medium is the message. Think about where, when and how you tell the story to cut through the noise. Take it to the lions den - to the people who don’t want to, but need to hear it.