The Pirate Code 2.0

“If you really listen to what matters to yourself and your team, and provide it, you’ll build deep and powerful motivation, trust and appreciation…”

A lot of rules need to be broken, but they also need to be re-written. You can have a killer strategy but if your internal culture is poor, forget it. A code is a set of principles that will strengthen or even save your organisation.

Codes work because:

  • By figuring out what does matter, you can finally let go of what doesn’t. Really, let go. This is entirely necessary in a world of too much.

  • Codes are written by everyone for everyone which means an equal stake in the outcome and equal responsibility for deciding where you sail to next.

Build your code

  • Identify three values that you would be willing to fight for. Really. As in a physical fight. Start there.

  • Convey the sentiment rather than control the message, or try to capture the principle of 'Show and don't tell'.

  • Your articles need to have practical applications. If you are committed to diversity, how is it applied in the way you behave?

  • Test out the code on some hypothetical real life situations - will it help you make decisions or break deadlocks?

  • Is it a rallying cry you can use internally, is it clear to everyone?

  • In tough times, will you find it it motivating? Does it excite you?

  • And finally, figure out what happens if people break the code (how would your team walk the plank?)

A code can work whoever you are, whatever you do