-how to be a professional rule breaker-


#1 Be More Pirate

 The first workshop takes a team across four parts of the pirate story, each squared off with a challenge to the group.

It runs like this:

  • To reach a new level of transparency and uncover the real reasons things aren’t progressing, we always begin with a question that will encourage openness and build trust among the group.

  • Reframing Pirates: from rogues to role-models,  a high energy, entertaining 30 minutes introducing an entirely new history of piracy that will get people thinking about how to reframe rebellion as something everyone should embrace.

    Challenge #1: When did you last feel your power to make a dent in the world?

  •  Introducing the Pirate Code: the backbone of pirates’ success is trust, transparency and accountability built upon clear values that had a practical application. This is what we need to re-introduce into workplace culture.

    Challenge #2: What are you willing to stand up and fight for?

  •  Walking the walk: talk minus action equals absolutely nothing. We’ll demonstrate how Sam has applied the pirate framework, causing ‘Good Trouble’ to create a Bestseller and the beginning of a movement.

    Challenge #3What do you allow to get in your way?

  •  Modern Pirates: our network of modern pirates are proof that change requires something more rebellious and fun in spirit. We’ll share some relevant examples from our community, and draw lessons that can be applied to a broad range of sectors, roles and problems.

    Challenge #4What rule will you break, and what’s your new rule?

  • In the final part we ask the group to work in small teams to define something that needs changing, and agree on a clear and purposeful challenge to existing practices. We facilitate to ensure it moves from ‘big systemic problem’ to something actionable and impactful. We help the groups find consensus within their ‘crew’ so that that all believe in a new way forward and can hold each other accountable to seeing it through.

    This initial workshop is designed to get people excited about taking action, and the end result is that individuals come away with a rule to break a 'modern mutiny' at work, and feeling accountable for creating the change they want to see. It's a fun introduction to the idea of being ‘pirate’ and a deliberate move away from the kind of inspirational away days that risk ending in post-it notes and not much else. We collate and record all the new rules, and if desired, will support with weekly follow up content to the groups, reminding them of the commitment they made and encouraging them to stay on track. 100% designed to instigate confidence to take bold action.