-how to be a professional rule breaker-


#1 Be More Pirate:

 The first workshop takes a team across four parts of the pirate story, each squared off with a challenge to the group.

It runs like this:

  •  Reframing Pirates: from rogues to role-models,  a high energy, entertaining 30 minutes introducing an entirely new history of piracy that will get people thinking.

    Challenge #1: When did you first feel your power to make a dent in the world?

  •  Modern Pirates: applying a framework to pirates’ theory of change with relatable examples of 21st Century ‘pirate’ behaviour.

    Challenge #2: What are you willing to stand up and fight for?

  •  Walking the walk: talk minus action equals absolutely nothing. How Sam has applied the pirate framework to create a Bestseller.  

    Challenge #3What do you allow to get in your way?

  •  The Pirate Code: the backbone of pirates’ success is trust and accountability. We reframe mutiny as a tool to unleash innovation and action. We’ll take you through some of the examples of rule breaking from the Be More Pirate network.

    Challenge #4What rule will you break, and what’s your new rule?

    This workshop is gets people excited about taking action, and the end result is that individuals come away with a rule to break a 'modern mutiny' at work, and feeling accountable for creating the change they want to see. It's a fun introduction to the idea of being ‘pirate’ and a deliberate move away from the kind of inspirational away days that talk vaguely about values, but ends in post-it notes and not much else. 100% designed to instigate confidence to take bold action.


#2 Professional Rule Breaking

Even with some inspiration and momentum, change is difficult. This workshop goes deeper into the specific challenges in in your business/sector. It’s broken down into five sections:

  •  Personal motivation: why do you come to work? Honestly. Changing workplace culture means getting real and shedding the professional mask.

  •  Alignment: are you all on the same page? Through a simple exercise we’ll find out if everyone in the room agrees on why you’re doing what you’re doing.

  •  Rocks: did you manage to break the rule you committed to in the first workshop?. If not, why?

  • Case studies: you’re not alone. By and large most people face the same problems at work: prioritisation, difficulty collaborating, and excessive process.We run through some of the stories of the businesses we’ve worked with to overcome their rocks.

  • Small bold actions: is your rule too big to break? If you could only do one thing at work to make a difference, what would it be? Everyone makes a pledge to carry out one small, bold, daily action.

  •  The fear factor: are you still afraid to be different? Removing admin based obstacles will never cut the mustard if the real barrier is fear. But, we have a trick up our sleeve to navigate around it.

This workshop takes the team to a new level of transparency. We don’t leave anyone anywhere to hide, because what else are we here for?

At the end of workshop #2, all the rocks and pledges are collated and recorded, after which we’ll provide fun, useful, weekly content to hold everyone accountable to their pledge, and assess the impact.