Out in the UK since May ‘18, released in the US Dec ‘18 and Rest of World from Jan ‘19



(Or How To Take On The World And Win)

From rogues to role models: Be More Pirate reveals the radical strategies of Golden Age pirates, and updates them into clear solutions for making your mark on the 21st Century.

Be More Pirate draws parallels between the strategy and innovation of legends like Henry Morgan with modern day rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Blockchain, and reveals how to apply their tactics to life and work today.

Voted Financial Times Book of the Month & Shortlist's Read of the Week. Its time to Be More Pirate.


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"As an ancient historian and a lover of tech, Be More Pirate feels so important as it looks to history to help us grip the future"


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“Be More Pirate is a genuinely refreshing, entertaining and inspiring perspective on work, leadership and why we do what we do. But amongst the well researched well handled metaphor of pirate innovation, there's also a clear call for a more radical rethink of where we're going.”


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Pirates didn’t just break the rules, they rewrote them. They didn’t just reject society, they reinvented it. They didn’t just tell tall tales, they told a story that shook the whole world. Pirates didn’t just challenge the status-quo, they changed everyfuckingthing.

An overlooked generation faced a self-interested establishment, certain uncertainty, a broken system and industrial scale redundancy and disruption (sound familiar?) so they turned pirate and rebelled against an unfair world and changed it for good.

Be More Pirate draws parallels between the strategy and innovation of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Blockchain, and reveals how to harness and apply their tactics to life and work today, and tomorrow. Whatever your challenges, ideas or ambitions, Be More Pirate will give you long-term solutions in a short-term world.

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"Genuinely original, surprising and inspiring ideas don’t come along that often. Be More Pirate is all of this, and more. Be More Pirate is going to be much, much bigger than a book."


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“Be More Pirate is a brave, original and inspiring concept. We have a shared ethos of challenging the establishment, giving platforms to new voices and ultimately doing things our own way.”


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Be More Pirate has been developed through being delivered as talks and workshops to audiences around the world, from social entrepreneurs in the townships of South Africa to senior executives at Facebook and Google, from the start ups reinvigorating Athens to the social innovators of Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. 

If you’d like to talk about booking a Be More Pirate talk or workshop, contact visit samconniff.com/speaking


"Sam uses pirates to replace so much of the bullshit talked about in leadership and innovation, in this much needed call for more radical intention at the top. Be More Pirate is more useful, memorable and amusing than most leadership material I’ve seen, and I’ve pretty much seen the lot."

Liam Black, CEO of As We Please

"Be More Pirate provides high octane inspiration in the face of unprecedented disruption. Guest appearances from pirates like Blackbeard and agitators like Blockchain encourage you to change your mindset, look for solutions through a different lens and adapt your behaviour forever. So break open the rum and immerse yourself, because Be More Pirate is a holistic strategy for success in changing times..as valuable as hidden treasure."

Sherilyn Shackell. Founder & CEO. The Marketing Academy

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Sam Conniff Allende is a multi award winning serial Social Entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, the youth led creative network. Sam is an acclaimed public speaker, a purpose-driven strategy consultant to brands including Red Bull, Dyson, Unilever and Google, and soon to be a best selling author.


Conniff Allende has mentored thousands of talented young hustlers and entrepreneurs around the world helping them realise their potential. Sam lives in London, and Be More Pirate is his first book.


"Be More Pirate makes modern-day heroes of names lost in history. He (Sam) has spotted something: that millennials are natural pirates in spirit, making their own way on the high seas. Put aside the cutlass-and-parrot pirates... The ones he is thinking of are ... the model for how to break the system and create radical change"

Jo Lo Dico, Evening Standard

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"Be More Pirate is a call to our better natures, our more inventive, imaginative selves to rouse up and remake the world. The power of Be More Pirate is not just the call for us all to think differently about the challenges of today - it’s saying, hey humans - this is what we do! It’s time for the rebels in us all to re-emerge and make a new world."

Anthony Mayfield, Founder & CEO of Brilliant Noise & Executive Director of the DOTS Festival


“I watched Sam give a talk about Be More Pirate and immediately saw he’s created something timely and important, I got him to give the same talk to inspire my team. This is an idea that’s going to explode."

Will Hudson, CEO & Founder, It's Nice That

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After every talk and workshop I’ve given, the world over, I meet another pirate. Someone doing things differently, or wanting to create a mutiny where they work.


The Be More Pirate community follows these principles, but follows no rules, or leaders, the idea is to inspire each other, we’re looking for examples of:


  • Breaking rules and remaking rules to make things better, fairer or faster.

  • Collaboration as a secret weapon allowing the underdogs to beat the odds.

  • Modern mutinies, where well placed mischief has changed the way we work.

  • The fight for fairness, where democracy and diversity drive strategy.

  • Weapons grade storytelling, where small voices get heard by the world.

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We seek inspirational examples and share the best of what we find, we steal each others ideas honestly and make them part of our every day. We are professional rule breakers. Come and join the rebellion.

Executive Assistant / Community Manager Required

(AKA Right Hand Pirate)

Be More Pirate, isn’t a book, it’s a movement'“ said the ever prescient Tom Goodwin in one of the books first reviews, and now it’s come true, hundreds have reached out with stories of standing up, speaking out, pushing back and embracing the spirit of Good Trouble to create change.

And now an experienced Community Manager/EA is sought to evolve an ‘active audience’ into an actual movement, online, IRL and ASAP.

Author and Entrepreneur, Captain Sam Conniff Allende, is looking for a uber-organised self-starting pirate to coordinate this community into life, while he fulfills obligations for a second book, creates content, delivers talks, workshops and mentoring sessions to grow the positive impact of Be More Pirate.

As an entrepreneur, author, business owner, father, husband, pirate and fancy dress enthusiast, Sam appreciates a flexible approach to getting shit done. So, this role will be 32 - 40 hours per week. Based in the UK with desk space available in London, one weekly face to face meeting required and attendance at events, but otherwise, completely flexible on time, place and personal commitments so long as the movement, moves forward.

If you’ve got years of rock solid experience and a burning desire to break the bad rules of business, society and the world then please apply in what ever medium makes you happy, in whatever way you think best demonstrates the two sides to this role:

1: As EA you will need to have exceptionally badass organisational skills (email, contact, meeting management, etc) whilst also being able to engage and prioritise inbound interesting opportunities (what makes the most sense to make maximum impact) stakeholder management and daily diary juggling.

2; As Community Manager you will have built beautiful groups of real people who went on to make a difference (online and offline), you will have evidenced based views on what makes community work and know how to both motivate and manage growing groups of people. You’ll also have the associated content creation, social media and analytics understanding to be able to fuel, funnel and feed the movement.

Most of all you’ll be able to do all this without traditional ‘line-management’, team or anybody reporting to you, a very self-reliant pirate who knows they thrive working almost alone is essential, and experience of working with Founders/Entrepreneurs/The Easily Distracted will be handy.

Salary for the role will be £40k - £50k depending on experience, weekly time commitments and how well you can negotiate. 12 month contract.

Start date: January 2019 (ONO)

If you’re the self-managing type, and this sounds like the adventure you seek then send the most concise and compelling case to sam@samconniff.com outlining your experience, approach and ambition to help make this moment become a movement that matters.

Deadline: Midnight on Monday 17th December 2018. (Interviews early Jan)

For a detailed Job Description please email sam@samconniff.com (just don’t ask any difficult questions, the inbox is creaking at the seams, see above)

This role has been made possible by one of the many pirates to get in touch offering to support the Be More Pirate ‘movement’, Christopher Kingsman of Aranca investments has backed the role from his own philanthropic foundation. When asked why he’d support a Be More Pirate community, he answered ‘for the sake of the world our children will grow up in’ wise and ambitious words from a smart human being, who can see the be More Pirate potential for positive change, and who left me with one warning to “Make sure your Good Trouble is always good”

So, what are you waiting for?

Would you rather be a pirate or join the navy?