Be More Pirate workshops

-how to be a professional rule breaker-


Professional Rule Breaking is a move away from permission-based change at work. We believe it is the skill everyone will need to survive the disruption of the 21st century. It’s time to recognise that real change always comes from a place that is uncomfortable. If it were comfortable, it wouldn’t result in anything different.

 We deliver a series of 3 workshops, with additional content and mutiny mentoring in between.

The journey will be uncomfortable… but also far more exciting and motivating than what we’re accustomed to at work. The way we feel when we’re about to push ourselves to be better. Getting to real change requires a different mindset. We must start acting of our own accord and with our conscience, pushing boundaries and owning the results. It is the best chance we have to do something meaningful and ground-breaking.

What does professional rule breaking deliver?

  • Increased ownership over personal and professional goals 

  • High levels of accountability and trust within teams

  •    Genuine creativity, instead of conformity

  • Time back in the diary for everyone

  • Increased productivity…. really.

  • More fun at work!


workshop breakdown:

You can do the first as a taster, but the most effective results occur when whole teams undergoes all three in sequence.

The original Be More Pirate workshop takes a team across 4 parts of the pirate story, each squared off with a cognitive challenge to the group. The end result is that individuals come away with a rule to break - a 'modern mutiny' at work, and feel accountable for making it happen. It's a deliberate move away from the usual inspiration away days that ends in post-it notes and not much else. 100% designed to instigate confidence to take bold action. Full breakdown here.

Even with momentum, change is difficult. This workshop goes deeper into the specific challenges faced in your business/sector. It explores everyone’s personal motivation, the team’s overall alignment, the rocks that get in the way and offers some real life examples of professional rule breaking. By the end every person will pledge to undertake one small, but bold action.

This workshop doesn’t leave you with anywhere to hide. Full breakdown here.

We typically allow 6-8 weeks between workshop 2 and 3, with weekly content updates in between. This is how long it will take the actions to become a habit. The final workshop reviews the mutinies and mentors each crew through some the practicalities of ensuring their change is long lasting. The outcome is a   practical plan, and a great story to tell and inspire others.

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Professional Rule Breaking


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