Health and social care

Wastage, needless bureaucracy and a dangerous addiction to growth means that we’re failing people on healthcare. But, mutinies are happening. Get in touch, leave comments, get the ball rolling.

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Manchester pirates:

Cat Duncan Rees and Naomi Davies are leading the way with their healthcare mutiny in Greater Manchester.

Cat works for Think Local Act Personal, a charity driving personalisation which is a simple recognition that people in need of social care support, want to have a life, not a service. People are citizens first and foremost. You can read more about Cat’s take on ‘re-humanising the system’ here, or the Pod in Coventry - an incredible case study that proves positive risk taking and bravery get results.

We’re working together to create a Be More Pirate workshop for health and social care to help more people working differently.

Virtual reality collaboration

Up in Scotland Tammy Watchorn is pioneering an entirely new kind of collaboration using virtual reality software QUBE.

It might sound like the opposite of re-humanising the system, but it has been remarkable effective in getting shit done: paperwork, emails and pointless documents are cut to an absolute minimum, and having a neutral, virtual space to meet is an equaliser: everyone from admin staff to surgeons

You can read more about why it works here, but get in touch with Tam if you want to know more.

Take a stand on mental health

Ian Hurst runs a mental health organisation called We are Hummingbird. They go into companies and train people to become Mental Health First aiders - recognising that there’s still a lot of work to do in reducing the stigma on mental health. They also use music to help people express themselves and host a thriving community with tons of great playlists.

You can read more about Ian’s story here, but suffice to say he is fully pirate and has used the principle of REORGANISE: Ian and the team use guerrilla marketing and various light touch collaborations to achieve scale.

They’re open to all kinds of collaboration in the mental health space and music industry.

Contact Ian here, he’s based in the South West.