tHe guArDiAN NewSPAPer

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The Guardian was born with real pirate roots, when its founder, John Edward Taylor, read in The Times a biased report of workers’ riots he’d witnessed first hand. The idea for an impartial investigative newspaper came to him. Ever since, the Guardian has fought for those principles, its independence guaranteed by well-invested and well-protected financial reserves held in trust.

The newspaper has acquired a global reputation for brave journalism and taken on anyone who gets in the way of telling an important story; many of the major game-changing news stories of the last few years have Guardian journalists behind them, from the Panama and the Paradise Papers, through to the infamous phone-hacking scandal across the Murdoch- owned media. In keeping with its journalistic ideals, the paper remains innovative in its business model, exploring ways to generate income that protect its independence and integrity.

In 2017 it both launched an enterprise accelerator investing financially in new innovations and garnered a record number of paying subscribers, with 800,000 readers around the world pledging to support the Guardian’s journalistic principles and approach.