Wiley (aka Eskiboy aka the UK Godfather of Grime) is an innovator, experimenter, agitator and street pirate. Wiley turned his back on the garage scene where he first made his name, strategically starting ‘beef’ with friends that turned into rivals and helped make him famous.

But crucially he independently pioneered a brand-new sound, a sound that snapped the necks of a generation as he captured the mood and the moment of Britain and created something that went against everything.

His influence and direct interference on many UK artists can be found from Ed Sheeran to Dizzee Rascal, but he him- self remains steadfastly unreliable, notoriously di cult to work with and, in some ways, is now watching from the wings as the sound of grime he helped de ne has gone mainstream with its new stars being front-page news.