Storytelling is a hallmark of pirate history. But, the publishing industry needs an OS upgrade.

Read or Die

Hoist the main sail. Books are urgent. Stories are non-negotiable. Don't let the navy win. It’s time to read or die.

Leena Normington’s Read or Die is taking on mainstream publishing supporting independent bookstores to be better marketeers and redistribute the book selling wealth more equitably.

You can find here here, or check out her podcast


Storymix is a children's fiction development company with a focus on inclusive representation. Founder Jasmine Richards is rewriting the rules of publishing in two fundamental ways:

  • Storymix isn’t an agent, nor is it a straight publisher,; it acts more as a producer bringing in writers and storylines and blending talent to craft the perfect story

  • Of the 9,115 children's titles published in 2017 only 4% featured Black Asian Minority Ethnic characters. STORYMIX is challenging that, creating heroes for every child.