No need to explain this one…we’re the last generation who can stop climate change

TAKK Cap: investing in eco

Tackling the war on climate change through investment in new technology, you can read the full story here.

All Takkcap investments must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an innovative way of fighting climate change

  • Have a people first culture

  • Have a sound financial model that will generate profit

Takkcap are able to offer angel investment (£50-100k), seed investment (£100-250k) and growth investment (£250k+)

Find out more here

Extinction Rebellion:

Possibly the only serious activism happening on this issue. They have three demands for the government which we fully support:

  1. tell the truth - declare a climate and ecological emergency

  2. reduce green house gas emissions to net zero by 2025

  3. Create a citizens assembly to decide on climate and ecological justice

The website tells you all you need to know to get involved. Check out their code too.