Who are the finest 21st Century Pirates? Who are those breaking and re-making the rules at the edges of the map and fighting for a fair share, an equal voice and more rum? Who are the rebels we can look up to? Who are the rule-breakers we can learn from? Who is using the power of pirates to innovate the future?

To help us celebrate the pirate-like leaders of today, putting their neck on the line to stick two fingers up to the Powers That Be, in their fight for a fairer future, please nominate the people you think are living the Be More Pirate manifesto and making waves we should all follow?

Pirates are everywhere. Throughout history, every time there's abject market failure, new territories are discovered or the odds favour the view, pirates emerge on the horizon to challenge, innovate and contest the status quo, whilst getting rich quick, or Dyin' Tryin'.

Now is no different. Our governments favour the few. Our institutions can't deliver on our dreams. Our leaders lack imagination. Our favourite brands and businesses fall short on our expectations and no one, but no one, is coming to save us.

So, waste your breath complaining, or create a rebellion? Hope it's going to get better or get professional about rule breaking? Check instagram again, or step up, cause some good trouble, turn pirate and bring about a modern mutiny?

As we re-imagine pirates from the rogues we were mis sold, to the role models we need, we're asking for your nominations, so we can share their stories, celebrate their success, showcase their strategies and inspire more pirates, grow the crew and build the rebellion.

Depicting the battle between Blackbeard the Pirate and Lieutenant Maynard in Ocracoke Bay,  1718.


The Be More Pirate breakdown is as follows, please use it to inform your nominations, but don't take it too literally, don't think of it as rules, be creative, put forward the risk takers, the trouble makers and the rule breakers you look up to and think we should be celebrating:  


  • Pirates challenge the Establishment’s authority and ownership of new ideas.

  • Pirates innovate at the margins, free from the order of the ordinary.

  • Pirates incubate their ideas in an intensive, open-space environment.

  • Pirates have a dual focus: fortune, then fairness.

  • Pirates’ acute focus on micro needs inadvertently create macro solutions.

  • Pirates tell their story at scale through their use of subversive tactics.

  • Pirates have a sense of humour, and know how to have a good time when they're not taking on the Powers That Be or subverting the Status Quo. Rum anyone?




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There’s plenty of smart organisations out there that are laying the foundations for new systems. We have no desire to reinvent the wheel. What we will do is share (and occasionally steal) ideas and resources.

A word of warning…. the internet will only get you so far: as technology and the volume of resources grow and grow, our time and attention spans are going in the opposite direction. If you’re stuck, go back to basics. Get a few people together (the pub is as good as anywhere), and start plotting.


Not brave enough to submit your entry, drop your thoughts below on who you think is a worthy Pirate. If it gains enough traction, we'll enter them into our Hall of Piratey Fame for you.

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